While every law firm believes their culture is an important component of success. Our culture is based upon genuineness, integrity, and unending desire to find the truth and prove it, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Marc Notzon opened his own practice in October 2001 with a pledge to serve his clients with integrity, honesty, and the highest level of responsiveness. He approaches every representation with an equal commitment to first listening to his client, then efficiently and effectively advancing the client's interests to reach the best possible outcome.

"Marc is an attorney everyone can trust and believe that every word he says is true."

                                                     -presiding juror in one of Marc’s trials.

Marc has had significant success in cases tried to a verdict in front of a jury and those to a judge in many counties throughout Texas. Coupled with his compassion for his clients, he brings 28 years of experience with many jury trials and even more non jury trials in nearly 80 counties throughout Texas.

Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting carriers' interests by mounting an aggressive, thorough defense. Our attorneys have the legal acumen and experience to fully comprehend and address the nuances of bad faith litigation, including disputes that arise out of first party and third party claims that deal with first party property coverage, third party liability, and the Stowers doctrine.