Case Studies


Accident Investigation

Multi-vehicle rear-end collision (four) with ten claimants (one fatality, one paraplegic, remaining ranged from soft-tissue to orthopedic surgeries). Initial report provided one-week post-accident listed potential values including verdict and settlement.  Case settled in the amount predicted by Marc A. Notzon almost a year and a half later.


Jury Trial

Head-on collision caused by Defendant crossing double solid yellow lines in Gonzalez County.  Plaintiff underwent eight surgeries including four-level anterior/posterior cervical fusion.  Jury verdict was significantly less than the amount requested by Plaintiff and the exact amount Marc A. Notzon asked the jury to award.


Indemnity Pursuit

Contractor fell eighteen feet from a ladder sustaining a T-8 spinal fracture/paraplegia.  Indemnity (that was written by the Law office of Marc A. Notzon) successfully demanded and pursued; case settled in high six-figure with client contributing zero dollars toward settlement.


Ethics/Standards of Business Conduct

Client's general counsel assigned case to investigate an anonymous complaint about a manager violating numerous company policies. Investigation led by Marc A. Notzon concluded allegations were true and manager resigned from company without litigation.


Employee Fatality Investigation

Marc A. Notzon determined root cause and effect, provided company-wide recommendations for eliminating the cause, and handled OSHA investigation with company employees.


Fire Damage Totaling House Investigation

Marc A. Notzon was one of six defendants; After the investigation on the fire, the root cause of the problem was determined. The client contributed zero towards settlement.


Employee Death Threats Investigation

Employees received death threats; Marc A. Notzon was assigned to determine credibility, takes step to protect the employees, and remove threat. Offender was located, arrested less than 24 hours of receiving the assignment and a restraining order was established.

“True freedom requires the rule of law and justice, and a judicial system in which the rights of some are not secured by the denial of rights to others.”

-John Sacks